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I think that people forget that condoms protect you from more than just pregnancy.

And there is no morning after pill for HIV.


It’s called post exposure prophylaxis.

If you’ve had unprotected sex and are afraid of possibly being at risk for HIV, please go to the emergency room and ask about POST EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS.

Works for up to 48 - 72 hours after exposure to HIV.

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YouTuber albinwonderland discusses the term ‘fake geek girl’ and why it shouldn’t exist, and nails it. The video can be found here.

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Industrial designer Natalia Rumyantseva has harnessed the beauty of the night sky so we can enjoy it everyday, no matter where we live.

My perfect bed would be sleeping in this pod on a Cuddle Mattress.

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I have finally done the thing since people have asked for it many many times: a better look at my Powerpuff Girls designs!  I had a chance to put more thought into their them this time around and I’m quite satisfied with it all.

This was done mainly for those who wanted to cosplay the girls, in which I say, feel free to take any liberties beyond what I’ve done and I hope you all enjoy my take on the PPGs!

Did some clicking through this artist’s Tumblr and found a link to a detailed character sheet and a reinvented PPG headcanon.

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Just FYI anon people are name dropping you in weird sexist shit on gingerhaze's blog.
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Yeah, so:

Today was pretty weird.

At about 2pm this afternoon, I was in the middle of explaining Kafka’s Metamorphosis to a tenth grader of my acquaintance, when suddenly my phone started BLOWING THE FUCK UP. I took a second to look at my phone and saw that I was getting Twitter alert after Twitter alert in response to a tweet by Noelle Stevenson.

I check out her tweet and it’s a screencap of a blog comment calling her a feminazi (sidenote: hey, dudes, if you use the word “feminazi,” literally all you are doing is telling me two things: 1) you don’t know anything about feminists and b) you don’t know anything about Nazis), but also embedded in that comment is an oblique reference to me being really mad about how ladies used and abused my comic book knowledge?

Look, trying to understand this comment with zero context while at the same time answering questions about how Gregor Samsa’s physical condition reflect what was happening to him spiritually was not super easy. (Another sidenote: look, I’m not trying to grammarshame someone or whatever the fuck, but this comment would have been WAY easier to understand if this dude had had less ideas about how women should act and more ideas about where periods should go.)

Anyway, I finally got home about half an hour ago, and I’ve finally read the blog post on which the comment was made, and at last I understand that my name wasn’t pulled out of obscurity at random as an “internet person”; rather, I was mentioned in the post specifically because of my "Batman for the Uninitiated" post.

And so now I know the comment meant this: I would be mad that a woman used my advice on how to get into comics and then complained that it’s hard to get into comics.

If there is any ambiguity on the matter, allow me to clarify:

I do not in any way agree with that shitlord’s opinion.

The VERY REASON I wrote a “Batman for the Uninitiated” post (and a Superman one &c.) is because there are numerous barriers to entry in comics, not only within the continuity itself, but literally in the physical act of walking into a comic store and buying a book, especially if you are a woman. I feel like that is clear in the subtext—if not the text—of the post itself; there’s a reason I try to warn about books that feature sexual violence and talk about the ready availability of digital comics.

I WANT women reading comics. I WANT women making comics. I WANT women starring in comics. If you don’t, you’re a piece of shit, and I’m not sorry for saying that.

(Sidenote: so what if she got into Batman via the Christopher Nolan movies? There are, what—optimistically—500k regular comics readers? The Christopher Nolan movies made LITERAL BILLIONS of dollars. Statistically, they are going to be someone’s introduction to Batman. That’s mathematics, fake nerd.)

If I may borrow from Chris Sims, whose name also got invoked in this discussion: “keep my name out of your mouth, son.”

Don’t make me the arbiter of who’s a fake geek.

Changed my mind. DO make me the arbiter of who’s a real geek and who’s fake.

All right, all you adult women who are just getting into comics and like to cosplay, line up on the left. All you dudes who think these ladies should have to pass some kind of superhero LSAT to wear a cute Batman outfit, line up on the right. Now, everyone who’s a real geek, step forward.

Not so fast, guys on the right.

If you have, as this guy claims, “dedicated a lot of time and money and actual effort to study and dedicate [your]selves to comic books,” and the lesson you took away from a lifetime of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man comics is that it is a cool idea to make someone feel like shit, you don’t know ANYTHING about comic books.

"If you have, as this guy claims, ‘dedicated a lot of time and money and actual effort to study and dedicate [your]selves to comic books,’ and the lesson you took away from a lifetime of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man comics is that it is a cool idea to make someone feel like shit, you don’t know ANYTHING about comic books."

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Hey i don't want to be rude or ignorant but i agree with the nerd guy from your last post. hes talking about how comics were his escape from a world where no one wanted him. He could read a comic and have an adventure that he couldn't have in real life. I realize there's often a lot of sexualization in comic but that was always part of it, its not fair to the readers to change that huge part of it now. That's altering the escapes these kids had/have, and the whole comics universe in general
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and it’s never occurred to you that maybe more than straight white men want that escape?!!?

"I realize there’s often a lot of sexualization in comic [sic] but that was always a part of it, its [sic] not fair to the readers to change that huge part of it now."

What the actual fuck. Is this supposed to be a compelling, reasonable argument or something? Let me show you how not compelling and not reasonable it is:

"I realize there’s often a lot of abuse in indentured servitude and debtors’ prisons but that was always part of America and it’s how a lot of people came over to this country so it’s not fair to suddenly decide to get rid of such a huge institution now."

Does hon-hon-baguette-eiffel-tower turn their brain off whenever they turn their computer on or something?

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Oh, I know I have it better than a lot of would-be comics buyers, and that’s what worries me. I’ve had it with the self-appointed gatekeepers in comics.

I hate going into the gaming stores alone. Ugh.

I will continuously write this reply until I feel it sticks. Do you want to know why many male nerds are so defensive and harsh about this?

Okay, I can with confidence tell you that the majority of us started this out as a form of escapism. I mean, look at all the Tumblr posts about “I love fiction, it’s my way to handle reality” etc etc. It was the same for us. suddenly.. about, idk, 4-5 years ago, feminists started to tell us that we are in the wrong for BUYING things. Instead of going to the writers, we’re the bad guys. Comics I grew up with are being torn to pieces by people who don’t read them anyway. They’re causalized because instead of catering to us, they’re catering to people who don’t really care. I know that the majority of you will go “oh, grow up!,” but you know what? Fuck you, comics were one of the things I had growing up, I emotionally connected to the Hulk, it made me feel that maybe it wasn’t so bad to be a freak.

Secondly, I don’t know why women expect to get help with everything and just give up when they don’t get help. When I started out, do you really think anyone would even care about a fat, acne-cursed kid? I did ask, once, they just looked at me and told me to just read the damn comics. So I did. I got into the middle of a story, If I liked it, I tried to hunt down the first one, or the one after. Rinse and repeat. not hard. But now! NOW! You have Google, I’m not even kidding, it will take you 30 secs to find ALL information you want. I don’t know why everyone think that being a nerd is “share and share alike!,” it’s socially outcast people who have been wrecked emotionally and socially by other people. You really think that they’re gonna help you without a reason?

I know, it’s really “in” to be a nerd these days, but you’re not a nerd until you know your shit. Don’t believe me?

Being a nerd isn’t something that you flaunt, you’re not gonna get help getting into it, you’re not gonna get praise for trying to. read, then read some more, then read even more. Then double-check that info. Not because you’re gonna be “safe” when trying to have people acknowledge your “nerd-cred.” but because you LOVE IT! It’s not a social thing, it has never been. It’s not about sitting around a table and going “OMG! I’m such a nerd! I read a couple of books!”

Sounds harsh? yeah, it is. But, if you love it, it won’t matter. Because you will still have the time of your life. And really… no one promised to help you. Want help? Help yourself.

*preparing to get unfollowed by everyone*

btw, I’m not saying that no one can like the same things as me/nerds/others. I’m saying “you’re not special for doing that” and “LOVE IT MORE! If you can’t find basic facts without being spoonfed, do you really LOVE it?”

Okay, you pedantic asshole, listen here.

You read a comic by a woman who reads, cares about, and EARNS A PAYCHECK from comics, that has been reblogged LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF TIMES by other women/minorities who read, care about, and earn paychecks from comics, and you have to gall to say that comics are “catering to people who don”t really care”?

Because you were picked last at kickball and now YOU want to be the bully. Because someone told you you weren’t worthy of something, now you want to be the one to tell other people that they’re not worthy of something.

First you say “this is escapism for us men” and then you say “no one HELPED me get into it” as if having a medium LITERALLY CONSTRUCTED AROUND PEOPLE WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE YOU isn’t the biggest spoonfeeding you could possibly get.

And now there’s a whole lot of people who don’t fit YOUR very narrow definition of what a “true nerd” can be who are FIGHTING UPHILL to be a part of this thing they love that doesn’t love them back and you have the nerve to say they don’t CARE about it enough and they’re expecting special treatment. As if it’s special treatment to BE SAFE FROM HARASSMENT, SEXUALIZATION, AND CONDESCENSION IN A PUBLIC SPACE.

No one’s taking comics away from straight white men. But I certainly wouldn’t mind taking it out of the hands of men like you, that’s for sure. You’re dinosaurs. And you’re not a REAL nerd.

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I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing British quirks in people’s punctuation habits. “You close quotes like this.” You do NOT close quotes “like this”.

I don’t care if you’re British, I don’t care if you think you’re trendy. Great Britain’s sun rose and has long since fallen. Your empire is dead. You live on a pathetic island that doesn’t even have very good food and certainly not any good tea. The United States is top dog now. Our English is the real English and all the foreigners are learning it instead of yours.

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Here’s a set where I talk about my escapades with the internet. Enjoy!

Sometimes my sad friend is actually kind of funny.

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a continuation of this.

MISS OFFICER AND MR TRUFFLES coming soon this Summer maybe not.

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My new home

I miss being a student at Pitt a lot. I wasn’t happy all the time, but both the city and university were so welcoming and gave me a safe playground to learn, grow, and explore.

Also, I really miss Union Grill. Everywhere else I’ve asked for an extra-rare burger has given me a medium-rare at best.

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How to Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel

Did not know that about the volume button. If you’re a frequent selfie-taker, you probably already do all of these things, but the video is still entertaining to watch, and it’s nice to see that supermodels also have concerns about which side is their better side.

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R´ha has officially been released!

After seven months of intensive work. I suggest to watch it in full quality, as well as a nice sound system, if possible.

I appreciate sharing this with your friends :)

R´ha is a solo project I created during the first year of my studies. Special thanks to Dave Masterson for voice acting and to Hartmut Zeller for sound and music, as well as to my wife for her support! - Sound by Hartmut Zeller - Voice acting by Dave Masterson

Representation: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment -

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Archibald McIndoe



This BBC site is a good portal into information on plastic surgery as it was improved on in the First World War. Plastic surgery during WWI and WWII is a very interesting topic, to me. I first came across the work and history of Archibald McIndoe and his Guinea Pig Club when I was flipping though a book about pilots at the Shearwater archives. A disfigured face looked out from the page, and it was jarring. Next to it, a reconstructed one. I’ve blogged about McIndoe before, but I can’t help it, I’m so touched by what I read.

So, it’s WWI, and you’ve been hit by shrapnel.  It’s WWII and your plane went down, and the engine explodes in your face. That’s where it is, it’s right in front of the cockpit. And they can save you, they know how to do that by this point. But, you’ve lost your face. Your face. And people are used to seeing vets missing an arm or leg, but your face is disfigured, and people react badly, and it doesn’t matter that you offered your life for your country like everyone else.

And then a surgeon comes along, and gives it back. In WWI that might have been Harold Gillies, who developed a new way to do it, as you’ll see on that BBC portal. Or in WWII, it might have been his cousin, Archibald McIndoe, who came in on his heels. And the thing about McIndoe is, he didn’t just put people back together, he didn’t just improve on existing plastic surgery techniques, he reminded them that they were still themselves, that they should be proud of their service, that they had a real life to live. He understood that friendship was important, and support, and he fostered camaraderie among the men. He let them wear their uniforms instead of hospital convalescent garb. He got locals in on it, so the men could come into town and not be met with gasps and stares. And this is huge.

The Guinea Pig Club met up annually until they were old men, and their bonds were strong. And I just think it’s one of the great stories of the heights of science combined with human decency. I will probably talk about it again at some point, who knows.

Go to the BBC site here

Read more about McIndoe here

Watch a documentary here about the history of reconstructive facial surgery by Michael Mosely, featuring both doctors. It’s moving, and fascinating, but I warn, graphic.